Alternative Learning Pathways

Ulladulla High School acknowledges that not every student thrives in the same learning environment and we make every effort to cater to all types of learners.

We achieve this through a range of successful differentiated teaching and learning strategies, both in and outside of the classroom. Providing School Based Traineeships is one of the many pathways that our Aboriginal students can take to attain real-world skills, certificates and connections with our local community that will support their transition into university and the workforce.

Year 12 student Chae will graduate this year with a Certificate 2 in Aviation and aspirations of becoming a flight attendant. She began her School Based Traineeship last year and has since passed with flying colours. Chae has learnt a range of professional skills, including service etiquette, emergency procedures, flight protocols and personal presentation.

Travel is my passion, I have always wanted to travel the world and experience as much as it has to offer. By becoming an air hostess I will be able to do that for a living. It has been amazing to be able to take steps towards this career while at the same time completing my HSC. I’m really enjoying the course and it’s reassuring to know that I’ll have that qualification behind me when I finish school.


Year 11 student Ziggy began his School Based Traineeship with the Commonwealth Bank at the beginning of the year. On completion, he will attain a Certificate 2 in Financial Services and has aspirations of continuing his career path with the Commonwealth Bank. He works at the tellers, dealing with customer transactions, which requires customer service skills, being able to navigate the transactional computer system and follow protocols.

It has been a fantastic experience so far! I have learnt many additional skills to better myself for my future including how to tie a tie. I plan on completing my Certificate 3 in Financial Services after I complete my HSC so I can eventually become a Customer Service Specialist.

The Djinggi Project

The Djinggi Project is a program that provides Aboriginal students with an alternative pathway to becoming fully qualified teachers. It is a School Based Traineeship through TAFE NSW that allows students to finish Year 12 and gain a direct entry into the University of Wollongong’s Bachelor of Education. We have had students graduating from the program since 2012, many of whom have used their real-world skills and qualifications to pave successful futures for themselves.

Teachers Teachers2

Josh, 2013 graduate, transferred to Ulladulla High School in 2011 as an unengaged student with an attendance rate below 40%. His enrollment in the Djinggi Project initiated immediate positive change in both his attitude and attendance. Not only did Josh complete his HSC with an ATAR and Certificate 3 in Education Support, he was also awarded VET Student of the Year among a series of scholarships to support him through university.

Another student to successfully complete the program was Carmen, who has used her qualification to travel the world as a nanny. She has immersed herself in a range of different cultures while following her passion for supporting young people.

Currently, we have three students, Molly, Tyson and Jordan, who are undergoing the program and the outcomes thus far have been impressive! We continue to hear positive feedback from the staff, students and parents of Milton and Ulladulla Public Schools.

I’m so impressed with the initiative that Jordan has taken with the students! He has brought some fantastic art lessons to our room and his work with our Aboriginal students has really built their self-esteem!
–Leanne Burnes MPS

Jordan has just started the program this year and has been working with Year 2 at Milton Primary School. He is currently learning how to teach reading skills and enjoys leading art lessons that he has planned. Jordan has also been exclusively working with the Aboriginal students in the class, one of which had this to say:

We did an art lesson with Jordan from the High School. He taught us how to draw a beautiful girl. I think this is one of the best drawings I have done. I feel good about this.
–Georgia, Year 2

I’m really enjoying working with the kids at Milton, not only for the immediate successes but I’d like to think that I will have helped shape their lives and our community in some way. Already I have assisted on excursions and playground duties, and I have plans of doing some cultural art activities with my class in the near future. I want to use this qualification to get into Wollongong University to continue my studies and eventually become an art teacher.
–Jordan, Year 11

This artwork was completed by Milton Public student Georgia who works with High School student Jordan.
This artwork was completed by Milton Public student Georgia, who works with High School student Jordan

We are exceptionally proud of our Djinggi students, who, with their strong work ethic, creativity and dedication, are sure to become outstanding educators in the future.

Story contributed by Maddie Snape from Ulladulla High School. Published 2015.