NAIDOC 2015 at Milton Public School

Throughout NAIDOC Week, all students at Milton Public School had lots of fun engaging in cultural activities.

Kindergarten students were lucky enough to have Aunty Nellie Mooney and Jodie Maguire share history about Aboriginal culture and talk about traditional Aboriginal artefacts.

Later in the week, students discussed the meaning of the Aboriginal flag, made an Aboriginal flag handprint and dot painting. Students also enjoyed making and eating Johnny cakes with honey.

Students at Milton Public School making Aboriginal Flag handprint artworks during NAIDOC Week 2015.
Students at Milton Public School making Aboriginal flag handprint artworks during NAIDOC Week 2015

Year 1 and 2 students looked at both factual and Dreamtime stories to supplement their English/History based NAIDOC Week unit.

Students also completed Aboriginal art lessons, including Aboriginal dice art which was then complemented with narrative writing. Sharon Bunyan and Jodie Maguire accompanied high school students to teach Year 3 and 4 traditional Aboriginal games. It was a fantastic mentoring opportunity for the high school students.

Year 5 focused on Aboriginal totems and their connection to the land, and Year 6 focused on what makes a sacred place. They thought of a place that was special and had meaning to them. This was followed by a writing activity, artwork and extension using the iPads.

Some of the Aboriginal artworks were displayed in the foyer for all to enjoy.

Photos from NAIDOC Week

Story contributed by Ranita McCann from Milton Public School. Published in 2015.